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8 signs of an outdated website

8 signs of an outdated website

Has the site dropped in the search results and started bringing in fewer applications? Check it out with this eight-point checklist to see if your copy, design, and functionality is up to date with today’s internet marketing standards.

Bulky structure

Over time, the business expands: the company has new departments and directions, products and services are added. And the site is overgrown with content and additional pages. If the innovation is not structured, it will become increasingly difficult for visitors to navigate it. They will not search for the necessary information or product for a long time, wading through an intricate structure, but simply leave the site.
Facilitate site search by distributing products and content into sections that can be accessed from any page. Do not overload the site with distracting design elements and unnecessary information in order to convey the necessary information to a larger number of users.
To understand how well users navigate the site, ask your acquaintances to find a specific section or product on your site. If this task takes them a long time, it is better to redo the structure.

Lack of responsive layout

Six years ago, the share of mobile users on the Internet was about 15%. Then, not all developers bother with adapting pages for phones. Now, according to the StatCounter study, more than half of people surf the Internet from smartphones. If the site is poorly responsive, you lose up to 50% of your audience.
It should be convenient for visitors to use your site from a smartphone, so it will not be possible to simply reduce the page to the device screen. We’ll have to draw the mobile version separately by rearranging the blocks on the pages and making the images and text large enough so that they can be easily seen without zooming.
But the resource must be displayed correctly not only on phones, but also on monitors and other devices with different diagonal sizes. Moreover, it is good when the content is not only stretched or compressed, but also rebuilt depending on the screen format.
To see how well the page is responsive, try resizing it in windowed mode.

Limited functionality

Modern technologies make it possible to implement functionality that helps potential buyers with product selection and information search.
To find out what functionality is used in your niche, study the sites of competitors. And you can only understand what works better after performing A / B testing of various features.

Over-optimized text

Previously, search engines ranked sites based on the number and density of keywords, so most texts were written this way:
Such texts, as a rule, are not very informative. They do not help a person with a choice. And in connection with the update of Google and Yandex algorithms, sites with over-optimized content will drop in the search results.

Now for search engines, the number one criterion has become the usefulness of content for readers, and not the exact occurrence of phrases.
Check the SEO data of the text, it will show the percentage of water in the text and keyword spam.

Outdated design

According to a Stanford Laboratory study, 46% of people surveyed build trust in information on a website based on design. If it is very outdated, then visitors may think that its owners do not care about the development of the business and the convenience of their customers.

To spot the signs of outdated web design, let’s dive into trends a bit. In the 2000s, realistic design was relevant, based on maximum similarity to the real world.
Realism is no longer in vogue. Since 2010, designers have realized that the main thing on a website is content, not design. The visitor needs to convey information as quickly as possible, and not distract his attention with catchy decoration. Therefore, the trend has shifted first towards flat and then material design, which are based on minimalism and purity.

Lack of brand identity

If your company has a corporate identity, reflect it on the website. Here are some articles to help you design:

Use of identity elements in the network:

  • will increase awareness and confidence in the company;
  • will help convey the ideas and emotions of the brand, which were incorporated into the corporate identity;
  • will distinguish the site from competitors.
  • If the style has changed over time, for example, you have updated the colors or redrawn the logo – make all the latest changes to the site.

Flash content

Flash sites are blocked by most browsers and cannot be opened from Android and iOS phones. And in the search results, Google warns in the description of the site that the resource uses flash content and may not be displayed correctly on the device. Adobe has also dropped support for this technology.

Nowadays, most of the Flash content has already been transferred to the HTML5 platform, intended for creating websites with video, graphics and animation. On it, sites weigh much less and load faster. In addition, HTML5 and CSS3 provide much more opportunities for creating effects on the site: parallax, hovers, animation, etc.

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