Web Design 3.0: When It Really Matters

Introduction We love web design, it is our passion and part of our daily life. Since 2000, we have been observing what is happening in the world of web design every day. We ourselves are involved in its development, and with our active participation millions of web pages have been created. Now we would like to share some of our […]

Website adaptation

You know perfectly well why you need to adapt your site for mobile traffic, right? Here’s another reason for you: Google will soon mark resources on the search page with a Mobile-friendly icon that are convenient for viewing on small screens of smartphones and tablets. By itself, the icon means nothing. Here’s what’s important: its owners will receive traffic from […]

8 signs of an outdated website

Has the site dropped in the search results and started bringing in fewer applications? Check it out with this eight-point checklist to see if your copy, design, and functionality is up to date with today’s internet marketing standards. Bulky structure Over time, the business expands: the company has new departments and directions, products and services are added. And the site […]

How to choose the right web design for your website

Web design is how much is “welcomed” Each web studio starts creating a website with the development and selection of web design. For the majority, web design is both the beginning and the most important part, since most sites, such as business card sites, corporate sites, have an image-informational purpose. That is, for such sites, the main thing is to […]

What does a web designer do

A web designer not only designs and packages products beautifully, but also analyzes user behavior. What else? More? A web designer relies on the wishes of the audience, designing sites and applications to help users do what they want – for example, buy a product, get news, or chat with friends. He is the true guide of the client in […]